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CAD$239.00 CAD$269.00




    Enclosure Max (Enclosure+Add-on)



      Add-on for Enclosure



        Enclosure Max + Extension Kit_Red



          Enclosure Max + Extension Kit_Grey



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            xTool Enclosure: foldable and smoke-proof cover for D1/D1 Pro and other laser engravers

            Free shipping to CA in 1-3 business days.
            CAD$239.00 CAD$269.00

            CAD$239.00 CAD$269.00
            Free shipping to CA in 1-3 business days.

            Compatible with Machines of Different Sizes


            For D1 / D1 Pro & other laser engraver

            Enclosure Max

            For Extended D1 / D1 Pro & other laser engraver

            Upgraded to Max with Add-on

            Remove the front piece, assemble with 4 Extension add-on, and then you get the Enclosure Max!

            Foldable & Portable


            Be able to engrave anywhere: inside & outside


            Quickly assembly in 1 minute to upgrade

            Safety Protection: Fireproof & more stable structure

            Efficient Ventilation

            Using the principle of airflow, fresh air is fed into the cover through the air inlet and then discharged outwards from the diagonally positioned exhaust fan.

            *Increasing the ventilation efficiency by 200%.

            Free Exhaust Fan & Pipe are offered.

            Health Protection

            17.9*9.8 inch, 455*250 mm viewing window, made of blue light filtering PC,Observing the machine operating in a safer way.

            Isolating 99% of the dust particles, odors, and noise during the cutting and engraving process.

            View Window * 2

            Convenient to observe the whole process

            Available for varieties of the open laser cutter

            Large working space of 625*613*314mm (24.61*24.13*12.36 inch)Compatible with most open-engraving machines.

            The square hole is compatible up to 115mm in height.

            Large working space of 1180*610*310mm (46.45*24*12.2 in) 

            Compatible with most Extended open-engraving machines.

            Design Details

            Velcro Belt

             for tool storage

            Limit Rope

            Easy to open/close lidWill support the upper cover when it is halfway open

            Exhaust Pipe

            Screw steel wire with high expansion and bending, combined with double layer nylon cloth. The length is about 2.0m


            Table header 0EnclosureEnclosure Max
            Size625*610*310 mm (24.6*24*12.2 in)1180*610*310mm (46.45*24*12.2 in)
            View window size455*250 mm(17.9*9.8 in)Enclosure view window *2
            Weight3.4 kg6.3 kg
            Material4mm honeycomb board material combined with 600D flame retardant polyester fabric4mm honeycomb board material combined with 600D flame retardant polyester fabric
            View window materialBlue light filtering PCBlue light filtering PC

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 4 reviews
            Theo Owel
            Smoke-proof cover

            The smoke-free cover I purchased for my xTool D1-PRO fits wonderfully good around my engraver. The only thing I think should be improved for the assembly instructions: it’s difficult to see the very small directional arrow on the fan to ensure you get the fan installed the correct way (50-50 chance you have to reverse it). If the arrow was painted white on the black fan assembly, it would be easier to get it right the first time. Otherwise very easy setup and great cover for my engraver!

            Holly Anderson
            Solid and well made

            This enclosure is nice. I was going to cheap out and buy a knock off version, but the fact that you can extend this one if I ever buy the extension rails is a huge bonus. Instead of having to buy a whole new enclosure you can get the add on panels and be set to go.

            This unit has solid sides and isn’t just a fabric overlay like most. It keeps the smoke out for me well enough so far. I will likely add an inline fan to help but it’s working well as is for now.

            Only thing that’s a downfall is now there is no pass thru option for larger pieces. I have to take the enclosure off if I want to slide something through underneath.

            All in all. 5 stars and would recommend to anyone looking.

            Patrick Caron
            Nice enclosure for my D1 pro!

            I am very happy with the product. Does a great job. I made myself a plexiglass, for the exhaust, to put in my window. A must for winter! See picture.

            Greg Martin
            So far so good

            Received the second last piece 5 days ago, the air assist for the D1 pro 20w but haven’t had a chance to use the D1 yet. The F1 has had a few test runs. Still waiting on delivery of the honeycomb from the order.