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CAD $2,199.00 CAD $2,739.00

xTool F1-Standalone

CAD $2,199.00

CAD $2,739.00

Contains xTool F1 Machine & Free Gifts (Worth $159.99)

    xTool F1 + Desktop Smoke Purifier

    CAD $2,679.00

    CAD $3,429.00

    Contains xTool F1 and Desktop Air Purifier
    • Desktop Air Purifier: Process at home with 99.97% purification rate.

    xTool F1 Deluxe Bundle

    CAD $2,999.00

    CAD $4,159.00

    Contains xTool F1, RA2 Pro, Slide Extension and Desktop Air Purifier
    • RA2 Pro: Process 99% curved objects with 4 in 1 rotary.
    • Slide Extension: 4X working area than xTool F1
    • Desktop Air Purifier: Process at home with 99.97% purification rate.
    • Free Button Switch (Worth $79).

    xTool P2 + F1 Ultimate Productive Business Duo

    CAD $8,749.00

    CAD $11,299.00

    Contains xTool F1, xTool P2, FREE Material Kit ($100), 20% Material Discount Card, F1 Cutting Panel ($30), RA2 Pro, P2 Riser Base and P2 Automatic Conveyor Feeder(39")
    • xTool F1: Compact at 4kg, this portable laser machine with dual lasers engraves nearly all materials at 4000mm/s with high quality. Effective, user-friendly, ideal for small businesses.
    • FREE Material Kit ($100): Basswood, transparent acrylic, black acrylic, rock coaster, stainless steel business card, and more.
    • FREE 20% Material Discount Card.
    • FREE Cutting Panel ($30)
    • xTool P2: A 55W CO2 laser cutter cuts 20mm all-colors acrylic, glass, etc., and engraves curved surfaces. Its 26*14 inch size and auto-passthrough excels in extra-large projects.
    • RA2 Pro for xTool P2 + F1: 4-in-1 rotary helps process different objects.
    • Riser Base for xTool P2: Significant upgrade on engraving thickness. (Up to 8.4")
    • Automatic Conveyor Feeder(39") for xTool P2: Engrave projects up to 3m long in size with no interruptions in your design.

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    xTool F1: Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR + Diode Laser