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Unlock Membership Benefits
  • Spend CAD$1, Earn 1 Point
  • 10% OFF on accessories
  • CAD $10 OFF on materials
F1 Ultra Group 1321319226 (1).jpg__PID:2d03d9fa-e69d-44b8-b348-bd9e333ae574F1 Ultra Group 1321319211.jpg__PID:2e132d03-d9fa-469d-84b8-3348bd9e333a
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Uncover the Ultimate Production Solution

Take a Guess and Win a Prize

Take a Guess and Win a Prize

Answer 7 quizzes about the finish time of 7 objects' engraving. (Video on the right)

Submit your answer below. We will award $800 worth accessory to participants (randomly choose 5) who got all answers right, and award $250 worth of accessory to participants (randomly choose 5) who got 6 quizzes right.

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Innovation I:

Fiber Plus Diode Laser, No More Material Limits

The world's first 20W fiber and diode dual laser. Not only does it expand the range of materials that can be engraved, F1 ultra's 20W high power allows you to do deep engrave, emboss and cut.

Mask group.jpg__PID:cf255b9b-b2b9-49e1-bb28-00380af6fffeframe_1321319150.webp__PID:e2340fea-c8b6-4ba1-b8fb-003796725bab

20W Fiber Laser

Perform best engraving on All-metals, plastics, rocks or ceramic. Additionally, 20W fiber is powerful enough to do deep engraving, emboss, and even cut thin metal sheets.

Group 1321319134.jpg__PID:01e38aa0-c977-4b7a-b1d0-070cfb4eb0b2
Mask group-1.jpg__PID:f616cf25-5b9b-42b9-b9e1-bb2800380af6frame_1321319151.webp__PID:340feac8-b6ab-41b8-bb00-3796725babc1

20W Diode Laser

Perform best engraving on most of the common materials, like wood, acrylic(transluscent color excludes), leather, glass, paper, rubber, fabric, etc. It can also cut most of the materials above.

Group 1321319135.jpg__PID:e38aa0c9-775b-4a31-9007-0cfb4eb0b25f

Innovation II:

Auto Streamline Production™ with Camera, No More Complex Procedures

Camera inside F1 Ultra automatically recognizes shapes on the streamline and helps F1 Ultra intelligently fill patterns on every piece. Additionally, it is only a cable away to connect to the conveyor.

Innovation III:

The Largest Desktop Galvo Engraver Ever, No More Space Limit

It is the largest in its kind, with or without conveyor. The F1 Ultra enlarges the working space without sacrificing the concentration of laser power at the laser spot.

220 X 500mm
Working Area

Innovation IV:

Almost All Materials Engraving, No More Long Waits

With a super speed combined with the 20W high power, the F1 Ultra now can utilize the fast speed of fiber on common materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and cork, which perform best with a diode laser source.

Innovation V:

Working with Invisible Laser Light, No More Safety Concerns

F1 Ultra is fully enclosed to prevent accidental injuries from invisible fiber laser light. The enclosure filters out strong blue light, while efficient smoke extraction quickly removes smoke and dust during engraving, ensuring a safe environment for storefront use.

Innovation VI:

Masterpieces Need No More Expert Skills


3D Curve Engraving

Support curve surface engraving up to 45°


Embossing Engraving

F1 Ultra can do deep embossing on brass, copper, wood, and rocks.


Color Engraving and Rotary Engraving

F1 Ultra has high power fiber that can do color engraving on metal. And it is perfectly compatible with RA2 Pro which allows you to engrave on all cylinders.

F1 Ultra Group 1321319228.jpg__PID:434b232a-5d37-4d80-91eb-8ca5e4ca9a5fF1 Ultra Group 1321319227.jpg__PID:d85d3446-48a3-4786-bf6c-bbf4ebd1613a

Stretch Goal, Win Extra Surprises!

Unlock accessory and coupon, when F1 ultra backers(buyers) reach 500 and 1000 people.

Group 1321319189.jpg__PID:df715bc2-9cc4-4bc2-a74a-6a66302085ed
Group 1321319188.jpg__PID:94df715b-c29c-445b-82e7-4a6a66302085

Unlock accessory and coupon, when F1 ultra backers(buyers) reach 500 and 1000 people.


Target:1000 backers

Group 1321319189.jpg__PID:df715bc2-9cc4-4bc2-a74a-6a66302085ed
Group 1321319188.jpg__PID:94df715b-c29c-445b-82e7-4a6a66302085

xTool F1 UltraOther Brand
xTool F1
Exclusive TechAuto Streamline Production
3D Curve Engraving
Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing
-Pixel Algorithm
Working Area220*220mm
220*500mm (with conveyor)
Laser Power and Laser Source20W Fiber Laser
+ 20W Diode Laser
20W Fiber 2W Infrared Laser
+ 10W Diode Laser
Focus AdjustmentAuto Focus with CameraManual Focus (Two dots Alignment)Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment)Manual Focus(Two dots Alignment)
Built-in CameraYesNoNo 
Product Size273*373*492mm, 14.7kg27.2kg179*235*334mm,4,6kg

Make Ultra-Impressive Crafts on Almost All Materials