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CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99

Get S1 20W/40W with Free Fire Safety Set ($258) Today!
Pure White
XTool S1 40W
XTool S1 20W
kit de base XTool S1 40W
kit rotatif xtool S1 40W
kit tout-en-un xtool S1 40W
kit de base XTool S1 20W
kit rotatif xtool S1 20W
kit tout-en-un xtool S1 20W
Accueil sûr et sécurisé
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Découpeur laser à diode fermée xTool S1

Livraison gratuite à CA en 1-3 jours ouvrables.
CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99

CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99
Livraison gratuite à CA en 1-3 jours ouvrables.

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Group 849.png__PID:781074c6-09c9-4b76-a7bf-805492b437e0

''Good evening #xToolFamily! I made this anniversary gift with my #xTool #S1 20W.''

Group 850.png__PID:1074c609-c9ab-4627-bf80-5492b437e0f3

''Custom Walnut picture frame done with the S1 with 100% power and 7mm/s speed 1 pass''

Group 861.png__PID:97bf2ed7-2c39-4f45-94ce-e9f4043dd845

''I tested cutting 3mm acrylic from Houston Acrylic.''

Group 852.png__PID:c609c9ab-7627-4f80-9492-b437e0f3df33

''First tumbler with the S1 40w, 30power, 220speed, 200 lines''

Group 853.png__PID:09c9ab76-27bf-4054-92b4-37e0f3df3368

''What kind of chaos have you and your S1 been up to?''

Group 846.png__PID:42a01e78-1074-4609-89ab-7627bf805492

''Spoons going out to a local photographer!''

Group 847.png__PID:a01e7810-74c6-49c9-ab76-27bf805492b4

''WOW!! I'm speechless. 30min on 10/500. 40w.''

Group 857.png__PID:a86797bf-2ed7-4c39-8f45-d4cee9f4043d

"I finally finished my first project on the S1. I love steampunk. "

Group 859.png__PID:6797bf2e-d72c-49cf-85d4-cee9f4043dd8

''So stinking cute.''

Group 867.png__PID:2ed72c39-cf45-44ce-a9f4-043dd845d708

''Had so much fun and the detail is amazing.''

Group 856.png__PID:7627bf80-5492-4437-a0f3-df3368f2d859

''this is centered perfectly! I think I'm going to really like the alignment tool.''

Group 866.png__PID:bf2ed72c-39cf-45d4-8ee9-f4043dd845d7

''Lookie here! My first successful project!''

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xTool S1




xTool S1




Switchable modules

beyond belief


Cutting excellence beyond compare

With advanced laser compression technology, eight 5.5W lasers are combined into 40W, realizing high power cutting efficiency comparable to CO2 machines.

What is the difference between 40W and 20W?

Thicker cut: Maximum thickness of one cutting

Laser Module40W20W
Cherry Wood18mm10mm
Basswood Plywood15mm10mm
Walnut Wood15mm10mm
Black Acrylic15mm8mm
Stainless Metal0.1mm0.1mm

Higher efficiency: MAX.cutting speed of one cutting