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CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99

Free Gifts (Worth $98): Acrylic sheets & stainless steel coffee tumbler & laserable patches & metal business card blanks.  Copy code
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CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99

CAD$3,099.99 CAD$3,899.99
Livraison gratuite à CA en 1-3 jours ouvrables.

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Group 849.png__PID:781074c6-09c9-4b76-a7bf-805492b437e0

''Good evening #xToolFamily! I made this anniversary gift with my #xTool #S1 20W.''

Group 850.png__PID:1074c609-c9ab-4627-bf80-5492b437e0f3

''Custom Walnut picture frame done with the S1 with 100% power and 7mm/s speed 1 pass''

Group 861.png__PID:97bf2ed7-2c39-4f45-94ce-e9f4043dd845

''I tested cutting 3mm acrylic from Houston Acrylic.''

Group 852.png__PID:c609c9ab-7627-4f80-9492-b437e0f3df33

''First tumbler with the S1 40w, 30power, 220speed, 200 lines''

Group 853.png__PID:09c9ab76-27bf-4054-92b4-37e0f3df3368

''What kind of chaos have you and your S1 been up to?''

Group 846.png__PID:42a01e78-1074-4609-89ab-7627bf805492

''Spoons going out to a local photographer!''

Group 847.png__PID:a01e7810-74c6-49c9-ab76-27bf805492b4

''WOW!! I'm speechless. 30min on 10/500. 40w.''

Group 857.png__PID:a86797bf-2ed7-4c39-8f45-d4cee9f4043d

"I finally finished my first project on the S1. I love steampunk. "

Group 859.png__PID:6797bf2e-d72c-49cf-85d4-cee9f4043dd8

''So stinking cute.''

Group 867.png__PID:2ed72c39-cf45-44ce-a9f4-043dd845d708

''Had so much fun and the detail is amazing.''

Group 856.png__PID:7627bf80-5492-4437-a0f3-df3368f2d859

''this is centered perfectly! I think I'm going to really like the alignment tool.''

Group 866.png__PID:bf2ed72c-39cf-45d4-8ee9-f4043dd845d7

''Lookie here! My first successful project!''

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